Here are some screenshots of liveries that I have been busy working on. Click on the thumbnails below for larger screenshots.
These screenshots may change as progress is made while the text will indicate any relevant information regarding this.

SGA Airbus A300B4-203 South African Airways

SGA Airbus A300B4-203 in South African Airways old colours. The first FS2004 optimized models from Erick Cantu and SGA. Released!!!   The dynamic shine at this angle makes this liveries colours stand out. What a beautiful old livery this was.   She is well looked after and is totally spotless. I will be releasing a slightly dirty version at a later stage. Keep checking for news on this.
Always my favourite time of the day for screenshots. And some clouds to add to the atmosphere.   Time for supper and a drink as night sets in. I wonder what the in-flight movie will be tonight.   The Springbok tail lit up to show her in full view of the night sky. I really miss this beautiful livery.
SGA Airbus A300B4-203 in South African Airways colours. The first FS2004 optimized models from Erick Cantu and SGA. Released!!!   This is always a good angle to view a plane as it is easy to relate to from real life viewing. Dynamic shine gives the plane a nice reflective glow.   And my favourite time of day for taking screenshots. The dynamic shine comes in very handy in these scenes. FS2002 still looks nice.
A close look of the plane reveals good overall detail. The entire A300 range is being modeled by Erick Cantu and SGA.   Catching the shadow at dusk is also a great angle. I need to make the light-map textures for the night lighting still.   The famous and well known new South African Airways tail design has become a very recognizable feature of the livery.
These are all 32-bit textures with optimized alpha channel added. Flaps and gear down.   I have made custom night textures and corrected the positions of the windows. ZS-SDH "Bosbok" is due for release soon.   The will not be any further previews of this repaint as it is practically ready for upload. I am busy working on the old SAA colours and will have previews for that soon.
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