Please read these few lines.

My textures are available as freeware with certain limitations to adhere to.

1. Usage of my textures at your own risk - I conduct thorough tests before uploading them.

2. In most cases I only include the textures with some screen shots and a readme text file containing information about the livery, copyrights and installation procedure. Any other relevant documents are included.

3. The contents of my archives may be distributed freely and uploaded to other flight simulator sites provided that the contents of my archives are in their original condition and that the sites are freeware and/or do not require payment to access and download the files.

4. If you wish to use/modify my textures for your own freeware work please mail me for written permission. Thank you for your understanding.

5. If you wish to add my link to your site with a banner, then use this one below. This banner may change from time to time without notice. The banner size is set to 400 x 50 pixels.