Who am I and where am I from? My name is Philip Foglar and I live in South Africa. I have been a flight simmer for many years now with it all starting for me with Microsoft Flight Simulator 4. From FS 4 I briefly went to FS 5 and then computer and all, jumped to Flight Simulator 98. Welcome the internet flightsim community and all their online goodies. Once again - a jump. This time from FS 98 to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 Professional and then Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 ACOF. I estimate that the flightsim interest on the internet has increased by possibly ten fold compared to the days of Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 and 2000. There are many developers out there freeware and payware producing ever improving add-ons for your favourite flight simulator, Microsoft or other.

What do these developers make? Nowadays, you name it. Aircraft model designers stand out the most though. With the ever increasing numbers of high quality aircraft models being produced and the tools to do this readily available, some brave and others foolish (like me) attempt to go about creating their own model. But there is a little problem, it is harder than one imagines and you soon realise that it may be best to leave it to the pros. For me it was a sobering experience, and I realised that even the worst of the worst models involved many hours of frustration and hard work and until I can do a better job of it, I should respect their work and appreciate their time involved.

Often developers produce an excellent model with all the Gmax or FSDS bells and whistles, but sometimes their paint scheme quality may not be up to the high standard of their models or when it comes to liveries for all the world's airliners they may only do the more well known operators. Which gives the many repainters out there the chance to paint liveries of their choosing.

Just like designing a model, all the tools are easily accessible to start repainting your favourite airline. And while it is far easier to do than model designing there are many tips and tricks to learn before you get started. But with a creative mind and lots of trial and error your textures start looking better and better and you start do develop your own techniques. It becomes very satisfying and especially when shared with others.

So who am I? I am one of the many repainters out there who enjoys repainting liveries to be used with some of the finest aircraft models available on the internet today. I hope you enjoy my repaints.

Take a look at My Textures for a selection of my liveries.