Here are some screenshots of liveries that I have been busy working on. Click on the thumbnails below for larger screenshots.
These screenshots may change as progress is made while the text may indicate any relevant information regarding this.

Dreamwings Embraer ERJ 135 South African Airlink

Dreamwings new Embraer ERJ 135 painted in South African Airlink's ZS-OTN colours. Taking to the sky. Released!!!   Up and flying with a nice clean blue sky and showing off the high detail of this superb model.   This fleet of South African Airlink ERJ's were not supplied with engine reversers, so I have modified it to not have them in FS either.
Landing as night takes over with my revised contact points to make landing and take off look more realistic - smooth landing.   Just returning from a quick spin around TFDC(FAOB). Another nice looking touch down. No dentist visits needed.   And now time for the passengers to disembark from this truly awesome plane - thanks to Dreamwings.
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